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This publisher values your privacy and uses ConsentCheq to comply with privacy regulations all over the world. Using your ConsentCheq Privacy Dashboard, you can easily manage how apps and websites gather and process private data for you and your child. In addition, you can exercise your other privacy rights.
If you don’t already have a ConsentCheq account, creating one takes 90 seconds, and it’s free. You’ll provide basic information about yourself and your child that allow the service to provide, the ConsentCheq Privacy Dashboard lets you quickly express your family’s privacy preferences to any publishers that use the ConsentCheq service. ConsentCheq will provide a summary about the personal information that will be collected about your child by a ConsentCheq-integrated product and how it will be used. After providing one-time parental verification, you can provide your consent for your children for ConsentCheq-integrated websites and apps. Return to ConsentCheq at any time to change your consent choices or request a copy of the personal information collected about your children. Parental verification and consent for children can be completed in just a few easy steps!

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To ensure that your consent is provided in accordance with applicable privacy regulations, ConsentCheq needs some basic information about you.
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Create a profile for your child to manage your consent choices for them. Your privacy is very important to us - ConsentCheq only collects personal information to operate this consent tool and will never share your or your children’s information. You can create additional profiles for other children later.

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Websites and apps integrated with ConsentCheq integrated will display a six-digit Consent Code to connect your verification and consent to the website or app. Please add the Consent Code here.

PrivacyCheq Privacy Policy

PrivacyCheq, the operator of ConsentCheq, values user privacy. PrivacyCheq will only use your and your children’s personal information to operate ConsentCheq and will never share or sell your data to third parties.
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